Sunday School


Sunday School - 9:30 AM Worship Service - 10:30 AM Sunday Evening - 6:00 Tuesday - 7:00 PM

Nursery - Birth Up to Two Years Old

We staff our nursery with loving people that have a heart for the youngest among us. If you have questions or comments about this ministry, please feel free to talk with our Nursery Administrator, Christina Acree.

2 1/2 to 3 Years Old

Teachers: Heidi Donnelly and Samantha Kliewer teach this age group.

4 to 5 Years Old

Teachers: Tannis Sprague and Patsy Gardner

First-Third Grade

Teachers: Nora Estes and Bonnie Sterling

Fourth-Sixth Grade

Teachers: Barry and Judy Failor, Alice Bergdoll

How To Study Your Bible, Young Adult Class - Phill Kliewer

How do you approach and study the bible? Join us as we share together. The class is held in the room 105 in the education wing. 

Live Streamed Via Zoom

Jesus' Teaching To the Choir - Derek Cassel

This class meets in the auditorium. During His earthly ministry, Jesus received many different responses from those who heard Him. Some people rejected His teachings and said that He received power from Satan. But others were willing to hear Him.  They wanted to know what He had to tell them. While the first group drew strong rebukes from our Lord, those who claimed to be His followers received a bounty of teaching that was crafted for them. This class is a survey through those passages to see what teachings Jesus had for His followers. 

Discipleship - Pastor Jeff Estes

This class meets in the Fellowship Hall. Pastor Jeff teaches foundational doctrines seeking to equip those in the clas to be a disciple maker. This class is a good class to attend for those that are new to Fellowship. Pastor takes time to answer many questions about the church. The book we use is Foundations: Bible Truths for Christian Growth. The chapters are: 

1.  Salvation – God’s Gift to You

2.  Eternal Security – Your Relationship with God

3.  Confession – Your Fellowship with God

4.  Baptism and the Lord’s Supper – Your Remembrance of Christ

5.  The Word of God – God’s Communication to You

6.  Prayer – Your Communication to God

7.  The Local Church – Your Place of Ministry

8.  Temptation – Your Struggle with Sin

9.  The Holy Spirit – God’s Presence in You

10. Progressive Sanctification – God’s Work in You

11. Stewardship – Your Gift to God

12. Evangelism – Your Ministry to the World

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