Children's Ministries


Sunday School - 9:30 AM Worship Service - 10:30 AM Sunday Evening - 6:00 Tuesday - 7:00 PM

Fellowship Baptist Church knows the special love that God has for children, and we offer several wonderful opportunities for children of all ages!


Ages: Birth-2 years

We staff our nursery with loving people that have a heart for the youngest among us during each of our main services. If you have questions or comments about this ministry, please feel free to talk with our Nursery Administrator, Christina Acree.

Sunday School

Sunday School classes are available for children from 2 1/2 years old through 6th grade.  There are different Sunday School classes for different age ranges.  See the Sunday School page for additional details.

Children's Church

Ages: Preschool through Third Grade

During our regular Sunday morning church service, we also offer a Junior/Children's Church service. During this service, the children worship God through songs, prayer time, Bible teaching, and activities. Snacks are also provided to the appropriate ages. Children begin worship in the sanctuary with their parents and then are dismissed to Junior Church on the last verse of the last song before the morning message. At this time, the children are escorted to their classrooms to participate in age-appropriate worship. After the service, the children are released to rejoin their parents.

Truth Trackers

Ages: 3 years of age through 6th grade.

Truth Trackers is an evangelistic / discipleship program for children that meets on Tuesday nights. The program focuses on a platform of the Gospel with a focus on growth through discipleship. We teach the key doctrines of the faith. The children memorize verses, study devotions, and hear lessons covering six specific doctrines per year (3-year cycle).

Tiny Trackers (Preschool Age; age 3 by the beginning of September through kindergarden )

Tiny Trackers memorize one verse per week. The topic for the week comes from that verse, as does the lesson, illustrative story, and puppet show. All the children in Tiny Trackers purchase a memory book which contains their topic and their verse for the week. The topic for the children is a word found in their memory verse. For instance, one week the children will learn about the word “Others.” They learn what that word means, and they have a Bible story to illustrate that word. Their verse (part of Phil 2:4) uses that word and a puppet show helps the children learn more about that word.

Scripture Spies/Faith Force (Elementary School Age)

Scripture Spies and Faith Force are made up of four different segments: Devotional Time, Memory Time, Lesson Time, and Game Time. Every day during the week, the children have Devotional Time. On the night of Truth Trackers, the children have Memory Time, Lesson Time, and Game Time.

Find out more about Truth Trackers.

Register Online

1. Donwload the Truth Trackers Registration PDF Form HERE

2. After filling out, right-click on the PDF and select "Save-As" - Enter the name of your child as the filename.

3. Attached the completed PDF to an email and send to

VBS (Vacation Bible School)

What is VBS?

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a summertime ministry outreach which incorporates themed activities that entertain kids and give them the chance to learn about God. It is an easy way to get kids involved in church while giving you the opportunity to meet the people within the church too. VBS lasts about five weekdays in the summer. A typical day at Vacation Bible School may include prayer, Bible stories and Lessons, Arts and Crafts, Games and Sports activities, Skits and Puppet shows, Songs, Snack breaks, Character-building activities. Vacation Bible School teachers are church staff as well as church members volunteering their time. Many of the church members helping out with VBS are parents too.


Our VBS programs use a theme to creatively teach lessons about salvation and God's Word. As an example, in 2019, Fellowship Baptist Church used VBS curriculum from Answers in Genesis with the theme The Incredible Race focusing on the human race's origin from Adam need fro the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Age range

Vacation Bible school is offered to preschoolers through 6th grade. Children attend around 3-4 hours each day.

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