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RSS Readers

The Fellowship Baptist Church News and Updates page is what is known as a blog.  A blog is nothing more than a list of notes to share with an on-line community.  These notes are known as posts.  You can use a browser at any time to see our latest posts.

However, you can also use what is known as an RSS Feed Reader (or just RSS Reader for short).  Blogs provide what is known as an RSS Feed.  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  An RSS Feed publishes information and an RSS Reader allows users to monitor the feed.

With an RSS Reader you can even do things like have your phone notify you when something new is posted on our News and Updates page.

There are a large number of RSS Readers from which to choose.  The choices will depend upon what type of device you are using (e.g, iPhone, Android phone, iPad, PC, tablet, etc.).  Each Reader also tends to have a different look, feel, and features.  You may want to try a few and decide which one you like best.

No matter which RSS Reader you choose, you will need to use it to add (or subscribe to) a feed.  When you do this it will ask you for something like a name, address, URL, or location for the feed.  Use https:/

Below are some options for you.  If you need help just contact us and we'd be glad to see what we can do to help.


Available in the Google Play Store.

RSS Reader

RSS Savvy

Apple (IOS)

Top 5 RSS Readers Apps for iPhone.

The best RSS apps for the iPad.

The Best RSS Reader for Mac.


Take a look at the article 5 of the Best RSS Readers for Windows.  We have tried NewsFlowOmea Reader, and RSSOwl.  NewsFlow and RSSOwl worked well, but Omea Reader had trouble connecting to our feed.


If you are using Google Chrome as your Web Browser, you can use their RSS Feed Reader extension.

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