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Name: Belinda Richter
Mission Field: Papua New Guinea
Mission Board: Gospel Fellowship Association

Belinda was born and raised in southeastern Nebraska. She holds a BA in physical therapy and attended Bob Jones University as a graduate student from 1991-1997.

Belinda first went to PNG as a short-term missionary in 1999 under GFA. During this ministry she became involved in working with the nationals. After completing a second short-term, she returned to work full-time in the Highlands region of PNG in 2003.

Her primary ministry is with the national ladies and children but she also works with the adult literacy program and evangelism. She is involved with the ministries of two churches along with a team of missionaries. She teaches the ladies one-on-one through discipleship lessons and holds children's Bible clubs in surrounding areas for the purpose of evangelism. She has also been able to teach Religious Instruction in the government school.

Belinda is able to use some of her physical therapy skills by assisting in the medical clinic in Aibai. Her greatest joys are teaching the ladies and seeing them apply Scriptural principles to their own lives and "seeing the lights go on" as she teaches people how to read and write.

Source: Gospel Fellowship Association


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